Dubai’s newest kids' developmental play venue is all about development

We Rock The Spectrum kids’ gym now open – Time Out Dubai

From a zip line, indoor play structures and sensory-based toys to suspended equipment with swings, crash mats and pillows, plus a fine motor arts and crafts area, We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym is Dubai’s ultimate edutainment venue.

“Play with purpose is about kids playing and having fun while developing physically, cognitively and socially. We’re passionate and committed to creating experiences for young ones to learn and grow,” says Dr Nashila Farrah Jaffer, the chiropractor and entrepreneur behind the international franchise’s arrival to Dubai.

Through movement, little ones improve their range of motion, balance, muscle strength, coordination and endurance. “We encourage kids of all ages and abilities to interact with eachother in harmony,” adds Dr Nashila. “You’ll see a two-year-old and nine-year-old playing side by side, it’s beautiful.”

We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym is a sensory hub. Every piece of equipment is designed to stimulate certain parts of the brain through movement.

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