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The Play Space That Promotes Fun With Purpose & Child Development – Sassy Mama Dubai

‘We Rock The Spectrum’ is a brilliant new play and development space in Jumeirah that’s all about helping kids be active through movement that’s essential for their development

Dr. Nashila Farrah Jaffer is aChiropractic Physician, a mama of two and the founder of ‘We Rock The Spectrum‘, a relatively new play space in the Beach Park Plaza on Jumeirah Beach Road specifically developed to help child development (& a far cry from any other soft play area in Dubai). We chatted to her about why this space is about so much more than just fun!

Why did you decide to set up WRTS in Dubai?

I have been practicing as chiropractor for 17 years now and over the years I have seen more and more cases of children having developmental delays such as gross motor weakness, postural weakness and back pain at very young ages. I believe the reason for this is the sedentary lifestyle that we are all leading compared to 15 years ago when ipads and phones were not available. In the past, children led more active lifestyles because gadgets were not readily available like they are today, so kicking a football around or playing in the garden were the norm. Nowadays, children go to school from such an early age and have regular routines when really they should be actively learning and playing through movement. Movement is essential in the development of children’s neurological system. In fact 90%  of stimulation to the brain comes from movement of the spine. So this lack of movement I feel has significantly affected the growth and development of children today.

Being a mother myself, I have seen how important it is for my children to do something active every single day and in Dubai it is not the easiest with the hot summer months. Thankfully the parks are fabulous and they are a fantastic way to keep children moving and active and encourage a healthy lifestyle in the winter months. So when I came across We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gymwhilst searching online, I thought this would be perfect in Dubai as an indoor playground for children to fulfil their sensory and motor development needs whilst having fun.

I call it “Play with a Purpose.”


Kids class we rock the spectrum dubai

What kind of services and classes do you offer?

We have Open Play whereby you can come with your child at any time of day, just like a regular gym, so you don’t need to prebook in advance, just show up at any time during the day. We encourage parents to play with their child inside the gym, but we also have a Drop n’ Shop optionwhere we can supervise your child for an hour or two. We have kids fitness classes, dance and drama classes, a maths enrichment program, birthday parties, coffee shop and free wifi too. We also work very closely with Pure Child Health, a centre that offers occupational therapy and speech and language therapy, and we run parent workshops at the gym to help educate parents about child development.

Kids yoga class

Why is it so important that parents take their children to a gym?

In a day and age where computers and ipads are so readily available, it is important for children to get into good habits early on and understand that movement is an essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle. Just as adults go to the gym and exercise to keep themselves fit, the same should be available for children so that it becomes a habit. If we can encourage the importance of exercise from a young age we will avoid many more health problems later on in life.

What age should parents think about taking their kids to the gym?

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym welcomes children as young as one year old. There are fun swings to help with spatial awareness and movement as well as soft play toys, role play and arts and crafts to encourage fine motor skills, as well as social skills interacting with other children. From birth to age five, a child’s brain develops more rapidly than at any other time in life. Scientific research has made clear that the quality of a child’s experiences in the first few years of life helps shape how their brain develops. Therefore, in my opinion I would encourage movement and activity as early as possible.

we rock the spectrum kids gym dubai rock wall

Tell us about some of the specific benefits from the exercises you offer?

There are ten pieces of equipment that will be found in every We Rock Kid’s Gym. These specialised pieces of equipment are all designed to stimulate your neurological system. For example, the climbing apparatus enhances body awareness, body scheme, motor planning and bilateral coordination. The child’s body weight, combined with gravity, provides additional proprioceptive feedback to the joints, helping the child coordinate their movement. The bolster swing provides a swinging side to side motion that is a great motor planning and motor sequencing activity. The trampoline builds lower body strength and helps to teach balance and provides a full body workout. The zip line, by far the most popular piece of equipment in the gym, is a great way to build upper extremity strength, muscle endurance, enhance the ability to integrate and tolerate movement and help give self-confidence as children challenge themselves to hold on long enough to get to the crash pit at the other end. the best part about it is that children are having fun whilst having a full workout without realising it!

How do your services and classes cater to children on the Autism spectrum specifically?

The equipment found at all We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gyms are the same pieces of equipment used in occupational therapy offices to help regulate children on the spectrum who experience sensory processing difficulties. In fact, statistics show that as many as one in six children experience sensory symptoms that could affect their everyday lives. We encourage parents with children on the spectrum to come and play with their child in an inclusive environment with children of all abilities. This encourages parent-child bonding, social interaction and a place where children of ALL abilities are welcomed. In addition, there are long waiting lists for some occupational therapy clinics and it can also be unaffordable for some families.

we rock the spectrum kids gym dubai zip line

How is the gym fully inclusive? And how do you cater to differently abled children?

The gym is fully inclusive as we encourage children of all abilities to learn, play and grow together in a safe environment. We do not differentiate children into separate groups as the whole purpose and vision is to provide an inclusive environment for all kids to play together. Our staff are fully trained on the specialised equipment and we have a Calming Room for children who may need a break from the excitement of the gym.

We took our kids to We Rock The Spectrum and they LOVED it, mamas! Check it out for yourselves: 

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If you had to compare between your own childhood and the current lifestyle of your child, what would you say is the biggest difference? One of them has to be the availability of electronic devices. Walking into the mall or eating at a restaurant, you are sure to spot at least one child hooked on to the screen of a mobile phone or a tablet. I’m not going to be the parent that judges here. Perhaps these children have limited screen time in place already. Nevertheless, the fact remains that these kids are definitely not as active as we might have been 15 years ago.

To back this up, say hello to Dr Nashila Jaffer, a chiropractic physician practicing for 17 years now, first in the UK and now in the UAE.  A mother of two and the mind behind ‘We Rock the Spectrum- Kids Gym’ (WRTS), a recently opened flagship gym in Jumeirah. An indoor gym- playground for children of all abilities, and the answer to getting your child’s daily dose of physical activity in this hot and sunny Dubai. And I’m here to tell you what makes this place so different from the other traditional indoor play centres.


Located in Jumeirah, at Beach Park Plaza, WRTS Kid’s Gym opened in December 2017. It’s the first in UAE, however branches of WRTS are already found in 5 other countries, with over 70 locations, a sign of a successful idea. What this Kid’s Gym is committed to provide is exactly what attracted Dr Nashila to open a centre here in Dubai.

Nashila of WRTS Dubai

Dr Nashila currently practices at Pure Child Health, a centre offering occupational therapy and speech & language therapy to children. Over the years of practice, she has been seeing more and more cases of developmental delays in children, such as muscle weakness, bad posture and also back pain at very young ages. Dr Nashila believes the reason for the sedentary lifestyle is the electronic gadgets, something we didn’t have to ‘play’ with when we were young. Our play time consisted of spending hours in the playground, riding bikes or playing tag. Nowadays, children not only start school at a very young age, but also have afterschool activities that has them ‘fixed’ in a structured routine. There is hardly any room for active learning and playing through movement. Parents, would you agree?

Research shows physical activity is particularly essential for young children, as the first five years are important in their growth and development. Early physical activity not only helps set up good exercise habits that they will continue into adulthood, but also helps with their mental well being, social skills and more importantly , movement.


While writing this post, I happened to read up on quite a bit of research and I’m sure it’s going to blow your mind, just as it did for me.

Movement is essential when it comes to the development of children’s neurological system. Research shows that movement, especially of the spine, is required for proper brain function. Yes, the brain not only controls the body, but also requires constant stimulation, a constant input from movement to keep it charged and going. Lack of movement and decreased stimulation of the brain in childhood can also result in learning disabilities and concentration inabilities like ADHD.

So, next time you find your child running around the house, know that it’s good for him/her.

Interior WRTS Dubai Kids Gym


Getting back to WRTS, and the reason Dr Nashila was so confident about it was because she saw how much her own two girls benefitted from it, when visiting the US. Once in Dubai, it became her goal to educate parents on the importance of movement, staying active whilst keeping in the element of fun for children. More so, because children here hardly get physical activity due to the long summer months of UAE. Having an indoor playground for children seemed the perfect answer. Hence, the first WRTS was opened in Dubai and the rest they say is history.


This is the bit that sets this place apart from other traditional indoor play centres; the ten essential pieces of equipment found in every WRTS Kid’s Gym. These specialised pieces of equipment are designed to encourage movement and stimulate the brain. Allow me to name a few:

  • The climbing structures enhances body awareness, bilateral coordination and helps the child coordinate his or her movements.
  • The trampoline builds lower body strength, helps to teach balance and provides a full body workout.
  • The zip line and crash pit, a firm favourite among all children, helps build upper extremity strength, muscle endurance, tolerate movement, and helps children with self-confidence, as they hang on long enough before reaching the crash pit at the other end.

Kid playing in boat swing

Kids playing on trampoline

Kid climbing structure

Other equipment include the tunnel, the carpet swing, zip box with slide and swivel rotators, again designed to encourage movement and help with the spatial awareness, for children of all abilities.

So, while the children think they’ve been ‘playing’, we parents know that they’ve in fact been having an intense muscle workout. It’s what Dr Nashila calls ,”Play with a Purpose”.

Children as young as one year old can benefit from these specialised equipment. My daughter, may have been too young to use the climbing structures or slide across the zip line, however she made full use of the tunnel, the swings and had a go at the trampoline. Yes, WRTS also have the usual soft play toys, role play toys and costumes, and an arts and craft corner to help with the development of their fine motor skills and social skills.

Kid playing with toys


Open Play: Just like a regular gym, parents can turn up with their children at any time of the day, without any pre-booking, and make use of the equipment available to them. While there is also a ‘Drop and Shop’ option available, where parents can leave their children under the care of supervisors, they in fact encourage parents to play inside the gym with them. It’s not only great for bonding and building confidence, but also sets a wonderful example to the children about keeping fit. You can even drop your children off and head upstairs to Fitness First for a workout yourself, completely assured that your child will bee fully supervised having a workout together as a family together is a fantastic and holistic approach to family well-being.

Kids Classes: You will be able to enrol your children to various classes, such as fitness, dance and drama, dance fusion and math tuition. Watch how the children are able to improve their attention span, on task behaviour, coordination, poster, motor planning, muscle tone, and motor development.

Birthday Parties: Your child is going to be loved at school after having his/her birthday party at WRTS. No worrying about booking in a magician or someone to face paint, while getting the children to sit quietly in rows. WRTS has a special party room for the cake ceremony and treats. And after all that sugar rush, let them loose and watch them have fun whilst having a full work out without even knowing!

Rock Shop: Looking to continue that stimulation at home? Well then you can choose to buy from a range of sensory based toys, puzzles and books.

Calm Room: A dedicated calm room with a few books and teepee to wind down after all the serious workout.

Kid playing with toys

Kid playing with toys


Read here for more info about (ADHD) Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. (https://www.werockthespectrumdubai.com/7-ways-we-rock-the-spectrum-helps-children-with-adhd/)

Read here for more info about Autism (https://www.werockthespectrumdubai.com/10-things-every-child-autism-wishes-knew-ellen-notbohrn-2/)

There seems to be a rise in children diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. The specialised equipment at WRTS is similar to the equipment used in occupational therapy offices to help regulate children on the spectrum who have autism, and show sensory processing difficulties. WRTS encourages parents with children on the spectrum to come and play together in a safe, inclusive environment with other children of different abilities, even if it is just for an hour. WRTS Dubai works very closely with Pure Child Health and run parent-child workshops at the gym to help educate parents about the development of your child. At times when occupational therapy seems very expensive, places such as WRTS are an affordable alternative.


Whether about an hour’s play, a 5 session play package, play dates or even a birthday package, you can get in touch with WRTS for more information.

Website: www.werockthespectrumdubai.com

Address: Beach Park Plaza Centre, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Email: info@werockthespectrumdubai.com

Telephone: 04 343 2442, 052 219 7867

Kid playing with toys


Mumzy Notebook and WRTS have partnered together to host a giveaway, where one randomly selected lucky winner will walk away with one 5 session play pass to be used at WRTS, Jumeirah. The giveaway will run be running on Instagram from 8th of April until the 14th of April. Head over to Mumzy Notebook’s Instagram page to find out how you can enter and walk away with a wonderful prize for your child.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Dr. Nashila, online research and the information available on WRTS website has helped me write this post. All views, opinions and photographs are of my own.

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The First Indoor Kids Gym to Cater to Children of All Abilities – We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym

We Rock the Spectrum Opens Second International Location in Dubai, UAE

Los Angeles, CA – November 10, 2017: The We Rock the Spectrum franchise announces the grand opening of its second international location: We Rock the Spectrum – Dubai. The opening is accompanied by a celebration Saturday, December 9th at the new gym, Beach Park Plaza Centre, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE, from 3 pm to 7 pm. The event is open to the public, and families with children from all walks of life are encouraged to come.

We Rock the Spectrum is a franchise opportunity that provides sensory-safe play for kids with autism, special needs, and neurotypical development. Each gym features ten pieces of therapeutic equipment. This equipment is specifically designed to work with many of the sensory processing issues that children on the spectrum face, while providing all children with the sensory-diet necessary for improved learning and neurological development. For example, the zip line helps children with vestibular sensations and sensory feedback, while allowing them to better develop upper-arm and core strength. Each We Rock the Spectrum location offers unique classes, children’s day camp opportunities, arts and crafts, additional pieces of play equipment, and more.

An autism mom from California, Dina Kimmel, is the CEO and Founder of We Rock the Spectrum. Kimmel opened the first gym in Tarzana, California after her son was diagnosed with autism and she struggled to find a safe place where both her son and her daughter could go together. The motto for all We Rock the Spectrum gyms is “Finally a place where you never have to say I’m sorry!” Dr. Nashila Jaffer is the woman responsible for bringing the franchise to Dubai. She has been a practicing Chiropractor for the past 15 years, and decided to focus on a more children focused career after she began working more with children with developmental delays and sensory issues. After discovering We Rock the Spectrum during a trip to the States, and seeing how much her daughters enjoyed it, Dr. Jaffer knew she had to bring this franchise to Dubai so other children could benefit from it.

“My motivation has always been my two girls,” says Dr. Nashila Jaffer. “They inspire me to raise awareness and educate parents on the importance of movement for all kids to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.”

The celebration is open to children of all abilities. Children will be able to play with all the specialized equipment, including the trampoline, swings, and the zip line. It will be held at Beach Park Plaza Centre, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE from 3 pm to 7 pm.

About We Rock the Spectrum: Founded in 2010, We Rock the Spectrum is an international franchise opportunity that provides sensory-safe play for kids with autism, special needs, and neurotypical development. Each franchise location features ten pieces of uniquely designed therapeutic equipment that promote learning, development, and sensory-safe play. Learn more about the We Rock the Spectrum franchise, its specialized equipment, and the various services it offers by visiting its corporate website https://www.wrtsfranchise.com/.

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Franchise That Caters to All Children and Those With Special Needs Expands to the Middle East – We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym

We Rock the Spectrum Will Open in Dubai This October

Los Angeles, CA – June 1st, 2017: We Rock the Spectrum, an international children’s gym franchise, announces its expansion into Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

A little less than two and a half years ago, a mother from California decided to franchise her business that was designed to provide an inclusive play area for children of all abilities. When Dina Kimmel’s son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, she saw first-hand the lack of places available where she could take Gabriel and his neurotypical sister, Sophia. This led her to create a gym that featured sensory-safe play equipment and welcomed all kids, no matter their ability. Today, there are more than 69 locations across the world, including the first international location, which opened in Malaysia in December of 2016.

“We Rock the Spectrum aims to be a leader in inclusion worldwide. After meeting Dr. Nashila Jaffer, the master franchisee for Dubai and Saudi Arabia, we recognized she shared the same beliefs and knew that she would be the best person to establish our brand and its mission in the UAE. She is passionate and determined to improve the lives of children and their families in her community.”

Dr. Nashila Jaffer is a chiropractor who discovered the indoor play gym during a trip to the United States. After working with children with special needs at her practice in Dubai, she saw the gym and immediately knew that she needed to bring it back to her community. Shortly after, Dr. Jaffer signed on to be the master franchisee for the United Arab Emirates and for Saudi Arabia. She plans on opening her first location in Dubai in October of 2017.

Dina Kimmel (Center) with Dr. Nashila Jaffer (Left) and Abdullah Ben Jebreen (Right) at the grand opening for We Rock the Spectrum – Ara Damansara, Malaysia.

“I was inspired by the whole idea and framework behind We Rock the Spectrum. I loved how everything was designed to be inclusive, from the play equipment they offered to the arts and crafts and even classes,” Dr. Jaffer said. “I am passionate about raising awareness and educating parents on the importance of movement for all kids to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.”

The opening of this gym comes at a time when Dubai is seeing an increase in autism diagnoses and a decrease in available resources. In 2001, the Dubai Autism Center was founded to accommodate just 44 people. In 2012, they had a waitlist of close to 200 people (gulfnews.com). Dr. Zeinab Alloub, a Consultant Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician at Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, estimates that 1 in every 100 children in Dubai has autism. Now, more than ever, Dr. Jaffer believes, Dubai needs a place like We Rock the Spectrum — a place where “Finally You Never Have to Say I’m Sorry!”

About We Rock the Spectrum: Founded in 2010, We Rock the Spectrum is an international franchise opportunity that provides sensory-safe play for kids with autism, special needs, and neurotypical development. Each franchise location features ten pieces of uniquely designed therapeutic equipment that promote learning, development, and sensory-safe play. Learn more about the We Rock the Spectrum franchise, its specialized equipment, and the various services it offers by visiting its corporate website http://www.wrtsfranchise.com/.

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How Siblings of Children with Autism are Affected

How Siblings of Children with Autism are Affected
As parents of children with Autism, we understand they require specialized care and attention. Depending upon which part of the spectrum a child falls under, the extent of the support will vary from helping them accomplish daily tasks to needing assisted care on a continual basis. Regardless of the extent of the therapy solutions, parents try anything and everything to give their children the support they need to reach their full potential.

But what about the siblings of the children with autism?

Just like how parents’ lives change when they discover their child has autism, their other children are also affected but in a much different way. Siblings have to stand by and watch, feeling helpless as their beloved brother or sister is affected by a disorder they will not fully understand until later in life. This has the potential to cause anxiety and difficulty in expressing emotions, which can lead to the siblings lashing out at their parents or brother and sister.

Parents who have children that fall into these categories are often at a loss as to how they should address the problems their children are facing. On one hand, they know their child with autism needs the added attention and Occupational, Behavioral, or Speech therapy required. On the other hand, their neurotypical children are feeling neglected and possibly left out – which is also tough on the parents.

While the sibling who has autism is receiving the care and attention they need from therapy, the neurotypical siblings finds themselves watching, almost in the shadows, while the other child receives a large part of the attention. Even though many siblings of children with autism try to understand the need their brother or sister has for the added attention, feelings of jealousy, depression, anger and resentment often arise.

This was the case in my family prior to the creation of We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym. My son Gabriel, who has autism, was receiving therapy from professionals as well as utilizing a sensory gym I had set up in my own home. Prior to the in-home gym, Gabriel would receive the lion’s share of attention while my daughter Sophia often stood by and missed out on some of her own activities. Even though Sophia tried hard to understand, she stated on more than one occasion, “I wish I had autism.” This broke my heart as I immediately knew this was her way of letting me know she felt left out and alone.

I want both of my children to feel that they are perfect the way they are, which inspired me to create an in-home gym full of fun, sensory equipment for Gabriel to improve his own skills but to also give Sophia a place where she can play with her brother and friends. It wasn’t quite everything Sophia needed, but it was a step in the right direction and drove me to create and found a gym that changed my family’s lives for the better, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym.
We Rock the Spectrum not only allows children to play together, but offers a place where play dates can be arranged for a group. We did this early on with Sophia and Gabriel. He would get his necessary therapy in the gym, and she would be able to feel like a kid again and play with her friends.

Because the gym is monitored, safe, and regulated by the dynamic staff, children can make their own play dates with their own friends from school, camp, or other social groups and meet to play and have a great time. With the option to set up play dates for your children and their friends, parents no longer have to worry about telling their typically developing children they cannot have a play date because of a therapy need of their sibling with autism.

By having the ability to play together at We Rock the Spectrum, families with children who fall into both categories now have the ability to say “yes” much more often than ever before, allowing all children to play, have fun, and feel important. Benefiting the entire family, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym helps to create a more positive dynamic at home and allows children who are typically developing to feel they are receiving similar attention as their sibling with autism.

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7 Ways We Rock the Spectrum Helps Children with ADHD

We created the We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym (WRTS) franchise with a unique purpose: to provide children with autism and other special needs an inclusive play environment they could enjoy with their peers. At WRTS, children are able to take advantage of sensory play equipment in order to grow and develop the skills they will need later in life. Our all-inclusive philosophy allows children of all ability levels to play and grow together.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the many conditions where WRTS can help children overcome challenges. Children with ADHD have trouble focusing and often times act without thinking. ADHD symptoms can range widely. These include:

  • Difficulty paying attention to details and tendency to make careless mistakes in school or other activities which produces work that is often messy and careless
  • Easily distracted by irrelevant stimuli, frequently interrupting ongoing tasks to attend to trivial noises or events that are usually ignored by others
  • Inability to sustain attention on tasks or activities
  • Difficulty finishing schoolwork or paperwork or performing tasks that require concentration
  • Frequent shifts from one uncompleted activity to another
  • Forgetfulness in daily activities (for example, missing appointments, forgetting to bring lunch)
  • Failure to complete tasks such as homework or chores
  • Frequent shifts in conversation, not listening to others, not keeping one’s mind on conversations, and not following details or rules of activities in social situations

“Children with ADHD have a hard time self-stimulating,” says Jess Lofland, owner of We Rock the Spectrum ~ Woodland Hills. “This is why the activities inside We Rock the Spectrum are so beneficial to children with ADHD. The safe, stimulating environment gives them what they cannot give themselves – a real focus. The end result is a feeling of capability that will lead to a healthier development.”

We Rock the Spectrum helps children with ADHD in a variety of ways. We’ve listed seven of these below, with an added bonus because we love you ;-)

1. Body Regulation Assistance
WRTS assists children with ADHD by helping them with body regulation assistance from the sensory equipment. The sensory equipment at WRTS is specially designed to aid children in their development. Children with all types of issues are able to positively react and grow from the use of this sensory equipment.

2. Break from School
Having a release from work after school gives these children the release their bodies need in order to focus and regulate themselves. Before starting their homework, a trip to the gym helps children with ADHD better focus later on. With the after school programs held at WRTS, children can come to the gym and enjoy some play time before diving back into their studies.

3. Compliments Occupational Therapy
Our sensory equipment is meant to compliment Occupational Therapy, not replace it. The sensory equipment offers challenges that can be left out from other therapy and helps stimulate a child’s brain and assists them in overcoming ADHD, giving parents an option that can be more beneficial in the long run than medication. The equipment offers a highly stimulating environment where focus is required. This causes the child with ADHD to narrow their focus and work to figure out various pieces of equipment on their own.

4. Social Skills Enhancement
The fourth way WRTS helps children with ADHD is to assist them with their social skills. Many times we see children with ADHD have trouble making friends or keeping them. With our all-inclusive approach and a dynamic staff that carries out our philosophy inside every gym, children are able to learn appropriate behaviors that can aid them in making friends while at the gym. These behaviors frequently extend to the school environment, where an increase in friends is also common.

5. Provides a Community for Children and Parents
WRTS is a community for all kids. Our inclusive approach helps children make friends with their peers and our gym becomes a place where friends can congregate together. The same is true with parents. Parents with children diagnosed with ADHD can often feel aligned or left out (which is the case with many parents whose children have been diagnosed with a disorder) and the team and parents of WRTS make up a fantastic support network of like-minded adults who have the goal of assisting their children.

6. The Comfort of “Fidget Toys”
Many children with ADHD, regardless of the severity, can benefit from having a comfort toy they can hold and maneuver in their hands while at school or at home. This helps them remain calm and focused while feeling secure and allows the skills they learn at WRTS to translate to the school environment. We supply an assortment of these toys in each We Rock the Spectrum for this very reason. The use of “fidget toys” offers the necessary distraction for the body while their minds hone in on what is being asked and instructed.

7. A Focused Approach to Creativity
The Arts and Crafts area of WRTS allows children to have a creative outlet and the ability to decompress while staying focused on the item they are creating. Allowing their hands to work and create while their mind does the guiding aids children with ADHD in their ability to focus, along with giving them a unique and new activity to participate in.

BONUS: The Guidance of the WRTS Staff
When the staff notices a child spending a great deal of time on only one activity they work to persuade them to try other things, which helps their minds continually adapt and experience stimulation from this change in activities. Our staff is always monitoring the activities going on inside the gym and will work with children that need the extra attention to grow. This helps children to be allowed to experience a variety of social interactions and which helps to meet the needs of the children with ADHD.

In conclusion, when children are provided with the stimulation from We Rock the Spectrum that they cannot get themselves, they begin to grow. This positive experience makes them feel able and capable in ways they might not feel in other social situations. A confidence is developed as a routine of success is established, and there is a real improvement in a child’s self-esteem.

Do you have a child with ADHD? What other benefits have you seen We Rock the Spectrum provide?  We’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call at 818-996-6620 or email us at info@wrtsfranchise.com.

We Rock the Spectrum is for All Parents!

The team at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym offers a long list of activities for special needs children to participate in and enjoy with their typically developing peers. This allows parents of special needs children to have a place to take all their children and know they won’t be separated, but instead offered the opportunity to play, grow and develop together. The We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym has a ton of equipment and activities to do with special needs children including sensory-based gym equipment and strength improving equipment as well.

As a result of playing and participating in activities for special needs children offered by We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym, children will be able to improve their attention span, on task behavior, coordination, poster, motor planning, muscle tone, and motor development. This all takes place while the kids are playing and being fully active inside the gym. With a whole list and range of great play equipment to give the staff and parents plenty of activities to do with special needs children and children that are typically developing.

Some of the biggest differences between traditional indoor play gyms and the gym at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym are the unique style of equipment to use. Most indoor play gyms don’t have the right equipment in place for special needs children. The We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym offers the first gym of its type for children to take advantage of regardless of skill or development level.

The specialized equipment, sensory based toys, arts and crafts area and programs that are set up for kids of all ability levels are designed and perfected to help all children grow and develop, especially children who have special needs. Take a look at what is offered at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym and find out how they can help your children grow, develop and most of all have fun.

Birthday Parties at We Rock The Spectrum are For All Kids!

Birthday parties are getting bigger and bigger each year with parents trying to find a great way to celebrate the special day for their children. If you are looking for great ideas for kids birthday parties you should check out the facilities at the We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym. Their facility offers four different birthday party packages to choose from in order to celebrate your child’s special day.

The packages offered at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym start with a package that does not offer any staff assistance, but simply the use of the facility leaving you responsible for the cleanup and works its way up to a fully staffed party where all the children take home some party favors. So far this sounds like a typical party that can be held at a restaurant, club or party hall, but the biggest difference is the staff and facility.

Any party at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym offers the full use of the equipment included in the gym except for the zip line. This means the party of children can utilize the swings, climbing structures, crash mats and pillows, tunnels, arts and crafts area and small sensory based toys. Kids are able to let loose and be kids during any party at the gym. A party with the staff of We Rock The Spectrum Gym will be even more fun than one without and offers you the opportunity to really enjoy the party without having to be bothered with cleanup and hosting.
As a gym that specializes in helping kids of all ability levels to develop the gym offers a birthday party option that even caters to children of special needs. Let your children have a great time with a party at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym regardless of their ability, and watch them and the whole party have a great time and make lasting memories.

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